Participating in key innovations

Global Project has developed the key skills required for major transportation infrastructure projects and for both the urban (subway, tramway, traffic management…) and intercity sectors (standard or high speed lines, toll systems…).

Energy and technological challenges, particularly those linked to mobility and high speed options, and the financial optimization of operational and maintenance aspects for large transportation infrastructure projects represent significant challenges for Global Project clients.

To satisfy a growing demand for sector-specific skills, Global Project offers dedicated solutions to client demands thanks to its:

operational consultancy
• transportation sector-specific expertise

Its skills offer is based on solid experience in international project management and an innovative and rigorous project management methodology that meets client needs in terms of planning follow-up, cost control and operational progress measurement.

Global Project’s partnership business model provides answers to a wide range of project needs both at the technical (expertise) and organizational (management) levels as part of its client-specific approach to project management.

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