3 questions for André Cohen,
Global Project's CEO

André Cohen is the CEO of Global Project. Following his engineering studies at Supelec and an MBA from the Institut Français de Gestion, he worked for many years in top-tier general contracting groups such as MATRA, SPIE and EGIS where he gained invaluable operational management experience from working on major projects. After leading the CAEN Tramway (TVR) project on its system aspects, overseeing the implementation of the ORLYVAL driverless system and steering a part of the construction project for the Athens subway system, he set up Global Project to fill a perceived need in terms of operational support in the sector.

His expertise in transit system engineering, his know-how in the management of large-scale international contracts and his background in joint venture management with international partners, along with his in-depth experience of significant technological value added projects, make him the go-to partner for professionals involved in large transportation projects.

Global Project has been around for more than 15 years.
Can we say that it has reached maturity?

Yes, of course, although at the same time it is constantly evolving. By using our in-depth knowledge of both the transportation sector and its major players and by exploiting the skills available in our network, we can offer our clients custom-made solutions to their needs. Our « bespoke » approach allows us to adapt quickly to the size, specific needs and wide variety of projects we are involved in both in France and abroad.

In just a few years, your network of partners has become a solid resource for players working in transportation. How does it function exactly?

Our partnership policy has proved a solid base for developing the company as well as one of its distinguishing features. We are unique in the sector as we provide an extensive network that can call on a very wide range of skills, either from independent consultants or from top-tier companies in the sector. We also work with smaller companies when appropriate, as our focus is on utilising the added value of partners, whatever their background or size.

The transportation market is experiencing strong growth at this time.
How do you plan to take advantage of this?

We fully intend to use all the resources at our disposal to take advantage of the latest evolutions in our sector. We are already working on new high-speed railway lines and we intend to play an active role in the modernisation of the rail network. We will continue to work with engineering companies on intercity and urban projects such as the Grand Paris Express and EOLE, to mention just two. Our consultancy offer with regard to risk management, project organisation and contract management allows us to provide operational and efficient solutions.

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